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Product Name: Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Dual Pir Detector   
Name: Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Dual Pir Detector Model: SS100D-HW03 
Attestation: CE Type: Motion Detector 

1. Waterproof design for outdoor, IP Grade is IP65;

2. Duilt-in 2 newly-developed dual element passive infrared sensor unit;

3. Intelligent MCU inside, increased anti-light interference and eliminate false alarm;

4. Adopts Pet Immunity technology and specialized optical lens for eliminate false alarm;

5. Microcontroller temperature analysis and Automatic temperature compensation for best summertime detection;

6. Tightly-mated bug guard to protect the sensor optics from insects, spiders and dust;

7. Selectable detection sensitivity (up to 8 sensitivity levels for choosing) for different environmental requirements;

8. Internal Wireless Antenna, long distance transmission;

9. Wireless transmitting digital signal to control panel;

10. Learning code, easy to assign to the alarm panels;

11. Tamper Switch for protecting the to avoid opened;

12. SMT adopted, RF and EMI Immunity;

13. Low power consumption, backup rechargeable battery;

14. Low power alarm;

15. Powered up by solar panel, no need wirings;


1.Power Supply: 1.2V*3 AAA Ni-MH chargeable battery

2.Operation power: Static: 100uA; Alarm: 30mA

3.Installation height: 1.5m=2.4m

4.Alarm lasting time: 3s

5.Anti RFI-EMI: 0.1-500MHz/3Vm

6.Anti white light; >10000Lux

Operation temperature: -20-+55degree

7.Operation humidity: 95%

8.Detection speed: 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s

9.Tranasmission frequency: 315/433 MHz for option

10.Tranasmission distance: <200m (open air, no interference)

11.Low battery indication: When the voltage is below 3.3V, detector will send out alarm signal


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