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Product Name: GSM MMS Home Alarm System With LCD Display   
Name: GSM MMS Home Alarm System With LCD Display Model: SS2003-M 
Attestation: CE Type: GSM Alarm System 

Following are the specific functions,

1. With Wavecome double frequency GSM module.

2. With color LCD show screen and keyboard on the host.

3. 10 wireless guarding zones (1 wireless SOS zone, 1 fire alarm zone, and other 8 wireless guarding zones can be defined by user ) and 1 external power failure alarm zone.

4. Send SMS to 3 preset mobile phone numbers automatically while alarming.

5. Call 3 preset phone numbers automatically and monitor at site while alarming.

6. Set the time of arm/partial arm/disarm.

7. Arm/disarm by the keyboard on the host, remote controller or SMS.

8. Program the alarm host by keyboard or SMS.

9. Modify the name of 8 wireless guarding zones and inquire the status of alarm host by SMS demand.

10. Define the 8 wireless guarding zones as arm/partial arm by keyboard on the alarm host.

11. With standby rechargeable battery

12. The alarm host automatically stores system status, while its power is off.

13. Connect with the alarm center through GSM network.


a) GSM

GSM frequency: 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz 

Consumption: 1W (while sending message)b) Working frequency of detectors

315M & 433M (optional)

c) External power failure alarm

Start-time: less than 2s

d) Alarm response time

Less than 8s (GSM in normality)

e) The volume of siren

More than 110db

f) Power

Power requirements: AC 110-220V 50Hz or 60Hz

Working power consumption£ºless than 3W

Standby battery£ºDC 8.4VStandby battery working hours: more than 15 Hours

g) Working conditions

Operating temperature: -20¡æ ~ 60¡æ   Humidity: 20% to 95%h) Weight of alarm host

Net weight: 0.5Kg    Gross weight: 0.75Kgi) Dimension of alarm host   Dimension: 160mm (Long)¡Á113mm(Wide)¡Á38mm(High)



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