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Product Name: GPS Personal Tracker   
Name: GPS Personal Tracker Model: SS-GT01 
Attestation: CE Type: GPS 


Tri-band ( GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz ) for worldwide coverage.

Locate and track the targets via SMS message, internet or PDA conveniently.


1. Locate conveniently: A position platform with a monthly fee not required. Free mapping for the entire world using google earth or other free websites.Locate the targets via SMS message, internet or PDA, reducing the cost of the operator and the users. And our products are compatible with your position platform as well.

2. Slim, Completely self-contained (built-in antenna and battery).

3. Low power consumption, long standby of 3-15 days (depend on the working mode).

4. Emergency alert panic button.

5. Monitor the sound/conversation live & real-time.

Main function:

1. Support working without positioning platform.

2. Automatically locate, report the position at a preset time interval.

3. Historical position info viewable.

4. DIY tracking.

5. Low battery alert, emergency alert (like SOS button), vibration alert.

6. Report the last position info when entering a place without GPS signal, i.e. underground parking.

7. Monitor the sound/conversation live & real-time.

8. Signal indicator and battery indicator.

9. Start the power saving mode at idle time automatically.

Additional function:

1. Geo-fence.

2. Send an alert to the users automatically when being dismounted.

3. Can add a USB receiver to be connected with the PC, so as not to input the latitude & longitude by hand.

4. Can make a call between the cell phone and the tracker.

5. Cut off the power and electricity of the vehicle remotely.

6. Bluetooth navigation.


Item: Parameter

Dimension: 46(L)x64(W)x17(H) mm

Weight: 50g

Network: GSM/GPRS

Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GSM sensitivity: Less than -102dBm

GPS chipset: SirF III chipset

GPS sensitivity: -159dBm

GPS accuracy: 5m

Cold/ Hot TTFF: 35/2s

Car charger: 12 - 24V input, 5V ouput

Wall charger: 110 - 220V input, 5V output

Battery Power: 3.7V DC Li-ion Battery, 700mA

Battery Life: About 48hours

Operating Temperature: -10 to +65

Storage Temperature: -20 to +70



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